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Mataatua Canoe 

Whakatohea Tribe 

Kennedy Bay - Whakatane - Gisbourne - Ōpōtiki

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South To The Left Of Venus
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Ngahiraka Kennedy
1838 - 1890
By the American Photo Company circa 1889.
Courtesy Tairawhiti Museum Gisborne.
Kia Ora.
Your name is Chris Metcalfe.
Of Ōpōtiki descent from the hapu of Whanau-a-Muriwai.
Ko Muriwai te Tipuna (ancestor)
Ko Opape te Marae (meeting house)
Ko Ngai Tamahaua te Hapu (family group)
Ko Te Whakatohea Te iwi (tribe)
Ko Mataatua te waka (canoe)
Somehow, an irreplaceable photograph of your Great, Great, Grandmother,
Nga-hiraka, 'a beautiful Maori Princess with a moko,' was lost.
It seemed sad that the family would never know who she was, or what she looked like.
I made inquiries amongst your more elderly aunts and an epic journey began!
This is your heritage and one the whole family (and historians) can share.
My job was simply to join the threads of oral history and other material together, as accurately as possible.
The loss of Ngahiraka's photo was a blessing after all!
Enquiries to Jill
[email protected]


"Ships Log"

                                             Journal Part 1

                              Journal Part 2

Shipwrecked on Buffalo Beach, 
Mercury Bay 
New Zealand



Wonderful site which was created by my Auntie Pearl,
I considered it worthwhile to reinstate it.


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Mount Maunganui Beach 



 Names in Minute Book
 of  St Matthew's Parish 
1853 - 1863


St James Presbyterian Church, Pollen St. Thames. New Zealand.

To raise revenue for the needs of the young Church, a "Pew Rent"  was charged.
This is a complete transcription of a hand written account book we transcribed while on holiday in Thames -
a mammoth task but one which has made available information otherwise not accessible to most people.
It can give clues as to the financial status of a person,
sometimes the number of persons and the Pew number rented are included,
and the years that the person was residing in the area. Possibly even a clue to a person's time of death.

      List of Names from Rent Book

       Pew seat Rent Book.


Original Minutes from the Auckland Education Board.
New Zealand
1857 - 1863

  Early Auckland Board of Education Names from the 1860 Minutes book. 

Copy of the Minutes, Auckland Board of Education for the year ended September - 1863

  Copy of the Minutes, Auckland Board of Education for the year ended December 1857 - September 9th 1858

  List of names mentioned in December 1857 - September 9th 1858


(Catherine / Catharine)

"Early New Zealand Immigrant

Ship Diaries"



Two Diaries of the voyage from London to New Zealand on the Barque

"Katherine Stewart Forbes" (Catherine)
                                   1851 -1852                
   Katherine Stewart Forbes  (Catherine) part 1

  Katherine Stewart Forbes   (Catherine) part 2 By A. Webster.

Katherine Stewart Forbes - The Naming of the Katherine Stewart Forbes

Katherine Stewart Forbes - (Catherine) By Doctor Lubath.



              Paintings by : John Speedy a well known New Zealand Artist.                

Left : Rounding North Head, Auckland Harbour, New Zealand. Early evening, 9th March 1852.
Right : One of the few calm days on deck, with my forebears & other passengers as depicted in 
           the  Diary. (Circa December 1851.)



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