The Naming of the Katherine Stewart Forbes


 Ingram Chapman was a Commander in the East India Company and at the time of his marriage to Agnes Stannus Willis in Bombay in 1827 was commanding the Katherine Stewart Forbes  (reported in the Asiatic Journal 1828).
The Chapman family had the K.S.F. built by Henry Pitcher at the Northfleet Docks in Kent and it was launched October 31, 1818.  The ship was described  "a most noble ship for strength, accommodation and fast sailing” (from Scown - Cornwall to South Australia).
Many of the large family of Chapman (traced back to 1508) began in Whitby and were originally Quakers.  Later in his career Ingram was a shipowner but I haven't yet connected him to the family who built the K.S.F.
It's voyage to Hobart and Sydney in December 1825 with the new Governor Ralph Darling on board.  The captain was Chapman,  but hasn’t determined which one yet.
Ingram was recorded (Wedding Certificate) as commanding the ship when he married in Bombay 20.10.1827.
There followed a number of journeys in 1830, 1832 (convicts), 1837 (settlers), 1838, 1839 (sheep and timber) mainly to Port Adelaide, 1841 Port Nicholson, 1853 assisted immigrants.  It also carried whale oil and bone and wool to England 1838-39.
The ship was probably named after Sir Charles Forbes' daughter.  Once again in the Asiatic Journal it was reported - "October 31, was launched at Messrs Pritchard's yard, Northfleet, a beautiful ship, built for Messrs Chapman, expressly for the East India trade.  At a quarter to two the Lady of Chas. Forbes, Esq. M.P. and family went on the platform and the ship was then christened by the daughter of that gentleman by the name K.S.F. and soon after the ship glided off the stocks into here natural element in a very fine style, to the admiration of all spectators".  Katherine Stewart's grandmother was also of the same name.
Chas Forbes and his family were very successful and respected businessmen in Bombay, India and had a lot of dealings with the East India Company.  Chas. Forbes youngest son's name was James Forbes and that name was listed as one of the witnesses at Ingram and Agnes' wedding ceremony in Bombay in 1827.  It seems likely that Ingram is connected to the Chapmans who had the K.S.F. built and that Ingram and Chas. Forbes were close friends, as Chas' son was probably at Ingram's marriage ceremony.
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