Below is a list of 100+ residents of Karangahake, who signed an 
     unsuccessful  petition to have the goldmining township at the  foot 
    of the Coromandel peninsular declared  a borough in 1907. 

A number of Australian families went here after the gold ran out in some 
of the Australian fields - my Grandparents came from Nundle/Hanging 
                                          Rock, NSW in 1905.
Contributed by Maurice & Jean Bath.
[email protected]

Charles R. Taylor - plumber
James Lawler - carpenter
Jno. McCombie - Mine manager
Minnie Lawler - Domestic Duties
L. P. Kemp - shop assistant
A. I. Minett - draper, per J. H. Kelk
John Wall - engine driver
W. J. Vuglar - butcher
G. Dickson - miner
J. Caisley - miner
T. Hanley - miner
Margaret Conway - DD
W. Ellery - miner
R. I. Noonan - draper
B. Flavell - miner
A. M. Griffiths - stationer
H. Green - miner
Mary Margaret Searle - DD
C. I. Miller - miner
H. W. Guthrie - builder
John Sheehan - miner
A. Sheehan - DD
M. A. Ryan - DD
A. D. McGuire - blacksmith
Agnes Christie - DD
W. Cats - miner
H. F. Nodwell - DD
A. Calman - miner
J. Nodwell - DD
J. H. Rogers - miner
J. Cochrane - contractor
J. McIntyre - miner
L. M. Cheesman - DD
W. R. Ferguson - miner
Alice White - DD
A. G. Snelgar - blacksmith
L. L. Knox - miner
H. Smith - engine driver
F. M. Patterson - DD
J. Billing - DD
G. L. Kitching - accountant
H. Jenkinson - miner
J. H. Nodwell - engineer
Albert Reed - carpenter
R. Russell - settler
John Laurie - carter
E. Taylor - DD
A. Bradfield - miner
W. R. Page - miner
David Leach - engine driver
F. E. Hill - DD
Noral Goiss - DD
M. A. McPherson - DD
Robt. J. Corbett - school teacher
Joseph Henus - music teacher
Louise Dette - home duties
M. A. Dickson - DD
Helen Wells - DD
M. McIntyre - DD
Ernest Hawken - billiard marker
S. O'Neil - DD
Alfred J. French - coal merchant
G. Seymour - miner
Sarah Duncan - DD
L. A. Kemp - DD
Geo. Fallon - tailor
E. Reed - battery hand
John Smith - fireman
E. A. Moran - DD
F. J. Nolan - engine driver
M. Hanlen DD
Ellen J. White - DD
P. Conway - storekeeper
D. T. Hardman - miner
G. A. Bush - battery hand
M. Farrell - DD
A. Gibb - DD
T. Whiting - gardener
Harry Moore - miner
W. McNamara - miner
R. Stackpole - mine manager
J. P. Vocasivich (Trepo) - miner
M. L. Wigmore - DD
D. Snodgrass - miner
J. Gubb - DD
H. Wigmore - battery hand
John L. White - mine manager
D. N. Gibb - miner
John Law - contractor
James Clarke - miner
John Kemp - carpenter
W. Nealie - miner
W. J. Rackham - miner
Charles Littlejohn - battery hand
James Liddell - mine manager
Edward Grace - miner
A. Dickson - engine driver
W. Grady - miner
John Chester - miner
R. Phillips - miner
Frederick Whittom - miner
L. Kulmar - engine driver
R. Inglis - miner
P. Cotter - miner
Robert Wilkinson - miner

Witneses to all these signatures were:-
William John Tyerman
Cyril Edward Searle Tidswell
George Walters

Note: DD = Domestic duties


  Applications for Land Purchases From 1869 to 1930. A HUGE List of 
                                          Names  From the Records of 'Land Information, NZ.' Thames.. 
                                         (Previously Lands & Deeds Office.)    

Name of
                                            Occupant: District: Year when the Occupation began:  The 
                                            quantity of land held by him: The Tribe it belongs to:  The type 
                                            of tenure: Number in Occupant's  family: The trade or profession 
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MINE OFFICIALS. THAMES N.Z.1898. Names and details of 100 "Leading
              Scientific and Practical Mining men." 

St. James Church, Thames. Index of Names in 'Seat Letting Cash Book', of St. James
                                                                Presbyterian Church, Pollen Street, Thames, NZ. 1872 - 1894

 Tapu-Kerata School Roll   1874 - 1899 This School is approximately 25 km. north of 
                                                      Thames, on the West Coast of the Coromandel Peninsular.

Waihi Schools. Details of Pupils and Staff at the First Waihi School 1890. 
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