MINE OFFICIALS. THAMES N.Z.                                                 1898


CADMAN. Hon. A.J. Minister of Mines.
GORDON. H.A. Manager Anglo-Contimental Gold Syndicate.
BARRY. H.P. General manager. Waihi G.M. Co.
MONTGOMERY. A. Superintendent Kauri Freehold Gold Estates.
HODGE. Captain. Francis . Gen. Manager of .. (sundry mines)
PARK. J. Consulting Engineer.
DAVEY. H.M. Gen. Manager, Waitekauri G.M.Co.
DAW. F.R. Gen. Manager. N.Z.Crown Mines.
GILMORE. T. Mine Manager, Waihi G.M.
WALKER. J.W. Thames Mining Expert.
MCCOMBIE. John. General Managar Marototo G.M.Co.
DUNLOP. T.A. Manager Thames-Hauraki Goldfields Ltd. (one of the oldest Thames Mine managers )
SORENSEN. S.S.Gen. Manager Kuranui-Caledonian, Waihi-Silverton & NZ Jubilee G.M.Co's.
CURTIS. A.H. Gen. Manager NZ Talisman & Whangamate Prop. G.M. Co's.
CLARKE. George S. 'Late Mine manager Moanataiari G.M. Co.'
BURCH. W.H. 'Late Mine manager May Queen G.M. Co.'
MCLEAN. Alex. 'Late Mine Manager Royal Oak G.M. Co.'
GRIFFITHS. Gen. Manager Fortune-Hauraki & Cons.Engineer Haurakia South G.M. Co's.
RICH. F. Manager Woodstock G.M.Co.
DALDY. E.A. Mine Manager Golden Pah, Hauraki & Hauraki Main Lodes Ltd.
GOLDSWORTHY. W. Mine Manager NZ Talisman G.M. Co.
MOORE. H.W. Mine Manager Waihi Silverton G.M. Co.
SMITH. J.E. Mine Manager  Waiotahi G.M. Co.
MCLEAN. Jas. Mine Manager Tararu Creek G.M. Co.
HANSEN. P.C. Mine Manager Kuranui G.M.Co. (One of the first Mine Managers in Thames.)
WILLIAMS. J. Manager Great Mercury G.M. Co.
MCGRUER. G.N., Mine manager NZ Crown Mines Co.
PAUL. M. Mine manager Kuranui-Caledonian G.M. Co.
GOLDSWORTHY. Thos. Manager Tokatea Consols G.M.Co.
JAMES. T. Mine Manager Waitekauri Cross G.M. Co.
BROWN. F.C. Mine Manager Komata Reefs G.M. Co.
MCINTEER. Jas. Mine Manager Eclipse G.M. Co.
MCDONALD. Jno. Mine Manager Broken Hills G.M.Co.
JAMIESON. A. Mine Manager Haurakia G.M.Co.
EVANS. Jas. H. Mine Manager Grand Junction G.M. Co.
WEARNE. J.E. Manager Union Waihi G.M. Co.
JAMES. Robert. Manager New Alburnia G.M. Co.
STONE. F. Manager Waitakauri United G.M. Co.
CAMPBELL. Rev. Dr. Supt.Thermo-hyperphoric Reduction Works, Te Aroha.
THOMAS. A. Mine Manager Mahara Royal G.M. Co.
THORNTON. D.E. Attorney for Tararu Creek and Ethel Reefs.
COCHRANE. N. D. Gen. Manager Waitekauri Union Claims.
CAROLYN. S. Mine Manager Kathleen G.M. Co.
SKRINE. E.W. Gen. Manager East Hauraki, Waiaia & Truimph G.M. Co's.
BATTENS. H. Gen. Manager Kathleen Crown & Blagrove's Freehold. Mine Man. Kapanga G.M.Co.
MARTIN. W.G. Late Mine Manager Kathlees Crown G.M.Co.
PASCOE. Thos. Manager Royal Standard G.M. Co.
SHEPHERD. H.F. Mine Manager Hauraki Assoc. Reefs G.M.Co.
MACDONALD. Hugh. Mine Manager Success G.M.Co
RADFORD. Thos. An old Thames Mine Manager.
COMER. Robert. An old Thames Mine Manager.
CRAWFORD. T.H. An old Thames Mine Manager.
MCFARLANE. Mine manager East Hauraki G.M. Co.
ARGALL. A.E. Gen. Manager Blagrove's Freehold G.M.Co.
HARDY. E. H. Attorney Central Finance Corp. and other Companies.
TURNBULL. Thomas. Mine Manager Whangamata Prop. G.M.Co. & Cons. Engineer Komatu Reefs.
MARSHALL. Gen. Manager Coromandel Freehold Prop. G.M. Co.
POTTS. W.H. Mine Manager Karaka (Ltd.) Mine
HOWE. Albion. Manager Barrier Reefs G.M. Co.
GAVIN. T. Late Mine Manager Aroha Gold Mines (Ltd.)
STEPHENSON. Geo. E. Gen. Manager Puriri Gold Estates (Ltd.)
LANGFORD.J. Gen. Manager. Waihi Gladstone G.M. Co.
WILLETTS. H. Mine Manager Hauraki Golden Age G.M. Co.
REID. P. Mine Manager Royal Oak G.M.Co.
MOYLE. Thos. Mine Manager Victoria G.M. Co.
KENNERLEY. Mine Manager Ethel Reefs G.M. Co.
BAKER. W. Underground Manager May Queen Hauraki G.M. Co.
DRAFFIN. S. Mine Manager Grace Darling G.M. Co.
RABE. H. Mine Manager Hauraki-Fortune G.M. Co.
HUGHES. H. Mine Manager Progress-Castle Rock G.M. Co.
HARRISON. R.H. Mine manager New Golconda G.M. Co.
MOORCRAFT. Mine Manager, Bunker's Hill G.M.Co.
ADAMS. H.H. Late Mine Manager New Find G.M. Co.
VIVIAN. J.G. Mine Manager Welcome Find G.M. Co.
MCGREGOR. W. Late Manager Chicago G.M. Co.
FRASER. Samuel. Consulting Engineer, Waihi G.M. Co.
TAYLOR. C.H. Manager NZ Talisman Co's Battery & Cyanide Works.
MALMSTROM. Chas. Battery Manager Moanataiari G.M.Co.
BANKS. E.G. Mettalurgist for Waihi G.M.Co.
NAPIER. J. Mettalurgist, NZ Crown Mines Reduction Works.
DIXON. Clement. Battery Supt. Waihi Silverton G.M.Ltd.
ALLOM ? Battery Supt. Tararua Creek G.M.Co.
COUTTS. Jas. Govt. Inpector of Mines for North Island.
ALLEN. F.B. Director Thames School of mines.
BROKENSHIRE. J. Manager Thames Drainage Boards Pumping Works.
O'KEEFE. M. President Thames Miners' Union.
LAWN. Chas. H. Underground Manager Komata Reefs G.M.Co.
COLL. J. Mine Manager Golden Lead G.M.Co.
BRASCH. Mr. Mine Manager Queen of the North G.M.Co.
KELSO. Arch. Mine Manager Harbour View G.M.Co.
STEEDMAN. J.B. Mine Manager Hauriki North G.M.Co.
HUGHES. H. Contractor's Engineer at Thames-Hauraki Mine.
BENNET. C.H. Mine Manager Waitaia G.M.Co. Kuaotunu.
MCLEAN. Charles .Mine Manager Waihi Consolidated G.M.Co.

(G.M.=Gold Mine)

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