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I should explain that the following are not all from "my" Family. Way 
back when I first started researching, when one requested a photo-copy 
of a Birth, Death or Marriage, it was the norm to receive, from  the Registrar, 
a page from the Record Book. And One Page equalled 5 Entries!!   



ALDERTON. Dora Winifred. f. b. 12 Jan 1881, at Whangarei. Father  George Edwin ALDERTON, aged ? Journalist of Whangarei, b. New Malden, Surrey, ENG. Mother Ida nee SISSONS, aged 20. b. Hull, Yorkshire, ENG. Mar. 13 Apr. 1880. Whangarei, NZ. Registrar J. REYBURNE.

ALLEN. Thomas Edward. m. b. 31 Mar. 1853, at Auckland. Father Edward William ALLEN. Mother Francis nee ? St. Mathews, Auck. 31 Mar. 1853. Sponsors W. TRAIL, Jonathan WOODS, Mr. McLIVER.  Fred THATCHER, Minister.

ANDREW. Thomas John. m. b. 10 May 1880, Karaka Creek, Thames, NZ. Father John Henry ANDREW, Miner aged 32. b. South Australia. Mother Elizabeth Ann nee BROOKs              aged 25. b. Bury ENG. Mar. 6 Dec 1874, Hanging Rock, NSW, AUST.

ANDREWS. Ethel Grace. f. b. 8 Jan 1885, Newtown Auck. NZ. Father George ANDREWS aged 42 Dairyman. b. Nottingham ENG. Mother Caroline nee MOSHEIN (?) aged 37 b.                      Auckland, NZ. Mar. 2 Feb 1870, Parnell, Auck. NZ.

ARNOLD. Charles Everard Le Nive m. b. 13 Sep. 1883, St. Stephens Ave., Parnell, Auck.NZ. Father Charles Le Nive ARNOLD, age 28 Architect , b. Weibaden, GERMANY. Mother Grace Spencer nee SMITH age 23 b. London ENG. Mar. 6 Dec. 1882                                                          Dunedin NZ.

BAKER. Gertrude. f. b. 23 Apr 1880, Upper Pitt St., Auck.NZ. Father Henry James BAKER, aged 45, Carpenter. b. Kensingtin (UK?) . Mother Mary Ann PALMER, aged 38,                              b. Newmarket, ENG. Mar. 1861 Brompton, UK.

BRADSHAW. William Edwin, m. b. 11 May 1880, Lorne St., Auck.NZ. Father Edward Joseph BRADSHAW, Waiter, aged 26, b. Ballygarrett, Ireland. Mother Eliza Christigen nee BRADSHAW aged 26, b. Malmo ???, Sweden. Mar. 8 Jul 1870, St.John’s, Brisbane,                                                              AUST.

BAKER. Alfred Edgar m. b. 9 Jan 1885, at West St., Auck.NZ. Father Frederick James BAKER, Painter aged 37, b. London, EMG. Mother Laura Sophia nee BUCKTHORPE                      aged 36. b. Middlesex, ENG. Mar Jul 1872, London, ENG.

BECK. John, m. b. 21 Nov. Porter's Flat (Christchurch Area). Father William BECK, Farm Labourer aged 27, b.Buckinghamshire UK. Mother Ann nee PRICE aged 28, b. Cranford,
Middlesex, UK.. Mar. 26 Nov. 1871 at Easton, Middlesex.

BURNS. Robert. m. b. 21st. Jun.1869 at Collarbone Road, Shortland. Father John BURNS,                                      Baker. Mother Agnes nee LEITCH.

CRAIGHEAD. Robert. m. b. 13 Nov. 1877 at South Malvern (Canterbury Area) NZ. Father
Alexander CRAIGHEAD, Farmer aged 30 b. Balmossie Forfarshire. Mother Mary nee McCULLY aged 23. b Ballahay, County Devon. Mar.Jun 17th.1874, Christchurch, NZ.

COFFEY. John. m. b. 8th. Jun. 1869 at Grahams Town, Shortland. Father Charles James COFFEY, Carter. Mother Margaret nee SOMERVELL. Informant; John SOMERVELL,                                              Carpenter of Karaka Spur.

COMER. Verney. m. b. 4 Oct. 1882, Huranui, Thames, NZ. Father George COMER, Miner, aged 27 b. Cornmartin(?), Devonshire, ENG. Mother Mary Ann nee RUMSAM aged 26. b.         Cornmartin (?), Devonshire, ENG. Mar. 19 Dec. 1874 Ilfracombe, Devonshire, ENG.

CULPITT. William Theodore m/ b. 20 Sept. 1884 Mackay St., Thames NZ. Father John Charles CULPITT, Sadler. aged 24 b. Dublin, Ireland. Mother Sophie nee NORMAN.                       aged 24 b. Sydney, NSW. Mar. 12 Sept. 1882 Thames, NZ.

DUNN. Lauchian George. m. b. 7 Apr. 1888, Williamson (?) St., Epsom, Auck. NZ. Father Lauchlan DUNN, Sawyer, aged 33, b. Montrose, Sct.. Mother Jessie nee WEBSTER aged                          31. b. Laurencekirk, Sct. Mar. Laurencekirk, Sct.

DUNSFORD. Cyril Owen Mackintosh. m. b. 26 Apr. 1888. McKelvie Street, Surrey Hills, Auck.NZ. Father Henry Owen DUNSFORD, Collector, aged 51, b. London. Mother Francis         Ann nee SANDERSON. Aged 41 b. Peckham, London. Mar. Oct.2 1885, Auck. NZ.

FORSMAN. Frederick William. m. b. 14 Apr. 1880, Punga Flat, Thames NZ. Father Axel     Leonard FORSMAN, Miner, aged 40 b. Geffle (?) Sweden. Mother Margaret nee                    ROYCROFT aged 37. b. Edinburgh, SCT. Mar. 16 May 1865 Auckland, NZ.

GIBB. Anna Isabella f. b. 16 Oct. 1882 at Karaka Road, Thames, NZ. Father John GIBB, Engineer aged 40. b. Aberdeen, SCT. Mother Jessie Hopkins nee WILSON aged 35, b.              Avondale, LKS.SCT. Mar. 27 Jul 1868, Dunedin, NZ.

GIBB. Charles Wilson Sanderson, m. b. 3 May 1907 at Karaka, Thames NZ. Father John GIBB, Turncock aged 63, b. Aberdeebshire, SCT. Mother Mary Bell nee WILSON, aged 33, b. Hamilton, LKZ, SCT.   Registered name of child, Charles Wilson Sanderson GIBB. (Order of adoption of Charles Wilson GIBB dated 3 July 1907 made by R.S.BUSH S.M.,   in favour of Elizabeth Mary SANDERSON, of Paeroa, Married Woman.)

GIBB. Edith Annie f. 27 Sep. 1883 b. Richmond Rd., Ponsonby, AUCK.NZ. Father William (F/T)arrimer GIBB, age 28, Labourer, b. Brown Island?? Mother Edith Annie nee TONGE age 24 b. Falmouth. UK. Mar. 18 Dec. 1879,  Newton, Auck.NZ.

GIBB. Elizabeth Mary, f. b. 25th. Jun. 1869 at Karaka Hill, Shortland. Father John GIBB, Miner. Mother Jessie Hopkins nee WILSON.

GIBB. Emily Christine. f. b. 24 Sept. 1884 at Karaka Rd., Thames NZ. Father John GIBB, Engineer, aged 42, b. Aberdeen, SCT. Mother Jessie Hopkins nee WILSON aged 37, b. Avondale, LKS, SCT. Mar. 27 July 1868, Dunedin, NZ.

GIBB.John.  June 14th. 1842. "Parish of Peterhead, County of Aberdeen. John GIBB, Farmer of Cows(g)rieve, had a son born 4th. May, baptised and named John, before James BEATON and Alexander SANGSTER." Extract of Entry from Old Parochial Register. From the Register of Births and Baptisms.

GIBB. William Leonard. m. b. 2 May 1886 Karaka Road, Thames NZ. Father John GIBB, Engineer, aged 38 b. Aberdeenshire, SCT. Mother Jessie Hopkins nee WILSON aged 38 b. Avondale, LKS. SCT. Mar. 27 July 1868, Dunedin, NZ.

GORDON. Cyril Ayton m. b. 25 Oct. 1882 Otahuhu, NZ. Father John GORDON, Settler age 52 b. Edinburgh, SCT. Mother Lucy nee RAITHBY age 41. b. Lincolnshire, UK. Mar. Dec. 1862, Otahuhu, NZ.

HANSEN. Louisa Elizabeth. f. b. 20th. May 1869 at Shortland, Coromandel. Father John Ernest HANSEN, Storekeeper, of Shortland. Mother Louisa nee LORENZEN.

HATTON. William m. b. 29th. Jun. 1869 at Moanatari Creek, Shortland. Father John HATTEN, Wheelwright. Mother Mary nee NEWCOMBE. Informant John HATTEN, Wheelwright of Moanatari Creek,  Coromandel.

HARRIS. Albert. m. b. 12 Jun. 1869 at Wisemans Gully, Shortland. Father Samuel HARRIS, Engineer. Mother Martha nee QUINTON.

HAYDON. Joseph Augustus m. b. 14 Jan. 1885 at Otahuhu, Auck. NZ. Father Edward HAYDON, Clerk, aged 34 b. Hobart, TAS. Mother Maria nee FOLEY aged 24 . Killarney, IRE. Mar. June 1881, Shortland Thames NZ.

HIGGINS. Thomas Augustus m. b. 9 Nov. 1882 Wangapoa, (Auck. Area) NZ. Father Thomas Augustus HIGGINS Cook, aged 42 b Liverpool, UK. Mother Ann nee JACKSON aged 22, b. Coventry, UK. Mar. Aug. 1875, Liverpool, UK.

HIGHT. William Joseph m. b. 10 Oct. 1877 Malvern (Canterbury Area) NZ. FatherSamuel HIGHT, Farmer, aged 34 b. Broughton, Northhamtonshire,UK. Mother Mary nee RYAN aged
35 b. Monrad, Tipperary, Ireland. Mar. Aug.2nd.1869, Christchurch, NZ.

HUNTER. Agnes Rosabell. f. b. 19 Sept. 1882 Tararua, Thames, NZ. Father Peter HUNTER, Telegraphist aged 42 b. Dumbartonshire SCT. Mother Agnes formerly McLEISH, nee McNEILL aged 41. b. Glasgow, SCT. Mar. 11 Jun 1872, Auck.NZ.

KNIGHT. Conctance Muriel f. b. 27 Dec. 1884, Ponsonby, Auck.NZ. Father; Alfred Osborne KNIGHT, M.R.C. Surgeon aged 27. b. Gloucestershire ENG. Mother Anna Bell nee OWEN aged 24. b. Auck.NZ. Mar. 13 Mar. 1884 Ponsonby, Auck.NZ.

LEAH. Ada Ethel. f. b. 8 Jun 1880 Karaka Road, Thames, NZ. Father Isaac Philip LEAH, Miner aged 40. b. Liverpool, Eng. Mother Mary Ann nee WHITE aged 30. b. London, Eng. Mar. 25 Jan. 1873 Thames NZ.

MAHER. Thomas. m. b. 1 Jun. 1880 Alexander St., Auck.NZ. (Illegitimate). Mother Mary MAHER age 17. b. Dublin, IRE. Wit. Sarah MAHER, Aunt. Present at birth.

McMINAMIN. Helen Elizabeth f. b. 3 May 1880 Bird in Hand Hill, Thames, NZ. Father Edward McMINNAMIN, miner aged 41 b. Lifford, County Donegal, IRELAND. Mother Jane nee BROWN aged 40. b. County Tyrone, IRELAND. Mar. 3 Sept. 1860, Mebourne, Vic. AUST.

MILES. Frederic Harold m. b 28 Oct. 1882 Randolph St, Newton, Auck.NZ. Father Robert Ambrose MILES Painter age 26 b. St. Helena. Mother Frances Jane nee TAYLOR age 29.  b Norfolk ENG. Mar. 4 May 1875, Auck.NZ.

MORGAN. Eliza Jane f. b. 29th. Jun. 1869 at Shortland, Coromandel. Father Eli Charles MORGAN, Boot Maker. Mother Mary nee LUCAS.

MURPHY. Mary Annie f. b 4 Oct 1882 Whangara. (Thames Area) NZ. Father William MURPHY Carter, age 33 b. (L)Oxford ? Mother Mary nee WILLETTS age 24, b. Remuera, Auck.NZ. Mar. 1 Apr. 1881 Thames, NZ. 

NIXON. Amy. f. b. 24 Sept. 1884 Karaka Road, Thames, NZ. Father Gerard NIXON, Labourer, aged 39. b. County Fernaugh (?), Ireland. Mother Margaret nee McVICAR, aged 35 b. Glasgow, SCT. Mar. 7 May 1870, Auck.NZ.

PETERSON. Agnes Francis f. b. 24 Oct. 1882, Grey St. Thames. (Illegitimate) Mother Johanna PETERSON, formerly BRENNAN. aged 33. b. London ENG. (Birth Register signed by George HOWAT, of Grey Street, Thames. Authorised by....Mother.)

PROUD. George William. m. b. 19 Apr. 1888, Cook St., Auck.NZ. Father George PROUD, Sailor, aged 28. b. Lancashire, UK. Mother Mary Lomas nee WOOD, aged 20. b. Lancashire. Mar. 1st. June 1887, Auck.NZ.

RICE. Edward Thomas. m. b. 9 Oct 1882 Karaka, Thames,NZ. Father Edward Thomas RICE Iron Moulder, b. Gloucestershire, ENG. aged 41. Mother Agnes nee GILMOUR   aged 29. b. Glasgow SCT. Mar. 21 Sep. 1871, Auckland.NZ.

RICHARDS. Mary. f. b. 30 Aug. 1883 at Parnell, Auck.NZ. Father John RICHARDS age 35 Carpenter, b. Auck.NZ. Mother Catherine nee CREW aged 31 b. Onehunga, NZ. Mar. 6 Sep. 1871 at Thames, NZ.

RYAN/RYSER? Johanna. f.b. 7th. Jul. 1869 at Tararu, Coromandel. Father William   RYAN? Miner. Mother Catherine nee CAMPBELL.

RYKES. Lizzie f. b. 7 Sep 1883 at Jermyn St., Auck.NZ. Father William RYKES, Shoemaker, age 40. b. Holland. Mother Katherine nee CAMPBELL age 35. b. Nova Scotia. Mar. 14 Sep. Mercer, Waikato, NZ. 

SANDERSON. Charles Wilson, m. b. 3 May 1907 at Karaka, Thames NZ. Father John GIBB, Turncock aged 63, b. Aberdeebshire, SCT. Mother Mary Bell nee WILSON, aged 33, b. Hamilton, LKZ, SCT.   Registered name of child, Charles Wilson Sanderson GIBB.

SANDERSON. Charles John. m. b. 23 Mar. 1853 at Auckland. Father Charles SANDERSON, Civil Engineer, Mother Catherine Frances nee RUSSELL. Bap. St. Mathews, Auck.3 Jul. 1853.  Sponsors John R. HOOPER, Hy HOOPER, ?? SANDERSON, Chas. SANDERSON. Fred THATCHER, Minister. (First Bap. at St. Mathews.)

SANDERSON. Lionel Charles m. b. 21 Dec. 1884, Onehunga.NZ. Father Charles John SANDERSON Builder, aged 31. b. Auckland NZ. Mother Mary Jane TRICK, aged 35 b. Stratten, Corn. Mar. 14 May 1879, Onehunga, NZ.

SANDERSON. Olive Wilson, f. b. 21 Oct. 1892 at Thames, NZ. Father Charles John SANDERSON aged 39, Engineer, b. Auckland. Mother Elizabeth Mary nee GIBB, aged 23. b. Thames, NZ.

SANDERSON. Roy Bevan m. b. 2 March 1880, Onehunga Auck.NZ. Father Charles John SANDERSON, Builder, age 28. b. Auck. NZ. Mother Mary Jane TRICK, age 30 b. Stratten Corn.Eng. Mar. 14 May 1879 Onehunga, NZ.

SANDERSON. Ruth Ada. f. b. 5 Oct. 1882 Queen St., Onehunga, NZ. Father Charles John SANDERSON Builder age 29 b. Auck.NZ. Mother Mary Jane nee TRICK, b. Stratten, Corn. Eng. Mar. 14 May 1879, Onehunga, NZ. 

SCULLIN. William Robert. m. b. 10 Jun. 1869 at Hastings, Shortland, Coromandel, NZ. Father John SCULLIN Miner. Mother Eliza nee ARMSTRONG. Informant John SCULLIN, Miner of   Hasting.

SPARGO. Benjamin Henry. m. b. 8 Dec. 1880. at Whangarei, NZ. Father William SPARGO, Master Mariner aged 27, b. Waikato Heads, NZ. Mother Martha PAIN , aged  23, b. Sydney. Mr. 5 Sept. 1818 at Mercer, Waikato. Residing Whangarei

SPENSE/SPENCE. James. m. b. 3 Dec. 1881. at Whangarei, NZ. Father James SPENSE/ SPENCE, Carpenter aged 51. b. Bristol Eng. Mother Mary Ann SPENSE/SPENCE, formerly ROWE, Maiden name GRENFELL aged 41. b.   St. Just, Cornwall, ENG. Mar.   10 Mar. 1876, St. Just. Cornwall, Eng.

SPENSE/SPENCE. Melville Lancelot. m. b. 30 Apr. 1904 at Devonport, Auck. Father James SPENSE/SPENCE, Plumber aged 23. b. Whangarei. Mother Edith Rosalie nee DOUGLAS, aged 22, b. Mangapai, Whangarei. Mar. 25 Jul. 1903, Auckland.

STRONG. George Alfred m. b. 4 Oct. 1884, Edwards St. Thames NZ. Father Alfred STRONG Blacksmith, aged 25, b. Auck.NZ. Mother Eliza Ann nee MARTIN aged 19. b. Wallaroo, S. Aust. Mar. 12 Dec. 1883, Thames NZ.

SYMBURN. George BENNET m. b. 7 Sep 1883 at Sterrant ? Street, Mt. Eden.Auck. NZ. Father James Howie SYMBURN, Painter aged 42. b. Paisley, SCT. Mother Elizabeth Kerr nee MAXWELL, age 28. b. Ayrshire, SCT. Mar. 14 Apr 1875 Mangare, NZ.  

TOWNSEND. Charles Ernest Osborne. m. b. 27 Dec. 1888. Hobson St., Auck.NZ. Father; Ernest Edwin TOWNSEND, Gentleman, aged 30. b. England. Mother Rosa Harriet nee PLUMLEY, aged 25. b. London. Mar. 27 Dec. 1882, Auck. NZ.

TROTTER. Amy Mabel f. b. 23 Aug. 1884, Waiomo, Thames. Father Robert Russell TROTTER, Settler, aged 46 b. Scotland. Mother Francis Jane nee PLUMMER aged 35. b. Tasmania. Mar. 19 Apr. 1877, Thames NZ. Signed by Emily Mary PLUMMER, Aunt, of Tapu.NZ.

VICKERMAN. Hugh. m. b. 20 Dec. 1880. at Whangarei, NZ. Father Charles Ranken VICKERMAN, Civil Engineer aged 25, b. Marlborough, NZ. Mother Sophia Mary JONES, aged 22, b. Auckland, NZ. mar. 20. Jan. 1879, Auck.NZ. Residing Ngunguru.

WARD. John. m. b. 11 Dec. 1880 at Mangapai, Whangarei. Father James WARD aged 45, Labourer, b. County Kildare, Ireland. Mother Ellen formerly COOK, nee MARGSON aged 40, b. Yorkshire, ENG. Mar. 26 Dec. 1870, Mangapai, Whangarei. Registrar J. REYBURN.

WALLACE. Annie Elizabeth, f. b. 4 Nov. 1877 at Russells Flat, (Canterbury Area). Father William WALLACE aged 37, Farmer, b. Roskern, Fermanagh. Mother Ellen nee WATSON aged 28, b. Tammaskanay ? Tyrone. Mar. Jul 20 1876, Russels Flat.

WARREN. William Thomas m. b 10 Apr. 1880 Karangahape Rd., Auck.NZ. Father
Joseph WARREN, aged ‘about 35’, b. Sligo, UK. Mother Elizabeth nee WORDEN;
aged 28.(NB Elizabeth Jane WORDEN was b. in Newcastle on Tyne March 2nd 
1853 and died aged 88.  She was 12 years old when the 'Bombay' arrived in NZ., 
and was the first on board to sight land (NZ). Joseph WARREN and Elizabeth WORDEN were mar. at Pitt Street Methodist Church, Auckland on Dec. 12 1868.
They lived in Karangahape Rd., until 1887 and had 14 children.)

WILSON. Mary Bell f. b. 16th May 1874 , at Portland Park, Hamilton, SCT.  Father Francis WILSON Junior Master, Mother Catherine nee BROWNLIE.


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254 ALDRIDGE. Hannah Elizabeth. f. aged 6 months. d. Apr. 21 1876, Oxford Terrace, Christchurch, NZ. Cause of Death Acute Hydro Encephalitis, Convulsions. Dr. I.H. TOWNSEND. Father Thomas ALDRIDGE, Stablekeeper. Mother Anna nee HOLMES.

23 ANSTIS. William James Ashley m. aged 2 months . d. Dec. 27 1892 at Midhurst, NZ. of Jaundice, Marasmus. Father Samuel ANSTIS, Farmer. Mother Elizabeth nee ASHLY. bur Stratford Cem. Minister Alex ENGLISH, Church of Eng.

35 BALFOUR. James m. Aged 4 weeks. b. Wgtn. NZ. Died 13th June 1864 of Natural Causes. Parents George and Sarah BALFOUR, of Wgtn. NZ.

3. BALL. Sarah Rebecca, f. aged 32. Domestic. d. 16th. Jan. 1898. of Kauri, Northland. b. ‘at sea’ . Been in NZ for 31 years. Cause of Death Phtpisis (pthisis). Dr. T. HALL. Mar. George BALL at Whangarei, at age 20. Father John COOK, Mother Fanny nee BUTCHER. Five children living. 3 Females, aged 10, 8 & 6.. 2 Males, aged 3 & 1. Bur at Kamo. Undertaker Richard KEYTE.

22 BARRETT. Charles. m. aged 4 months. d. 4th. Dec. 1892,at Stratford NZ. of Bronchitis. Father William George BARRETT, Fruiterer. Mother Amelia nee JOHNSON.

5 BATTY. Richard m. 68 years. Bushman. b. Eng.. In NZ for 30 years. d. 16 Jan. 1896, Thames Hosp. NZ. Pneumonia. Dr. P. Callan. Bur. Shortland Cem. Thames.NZ. Wits. William ADDISON, Robert TWENTYMAN, Householders. Informant; Robert TWENTYMAN, Undertaker, Pollen St. Thames, NZ.

50 BOWERS. Roy. m. 2 hours. b. Whangarei NZ. Died Jun 7. Whangarei. 1903.Premature birth. (Henry Sydney BOWYER (Labourer)/Frances nee REED) Bur. Otonga Cem. Jun 7 1903. Michael BOURNE & John NELSON Wits. of burial. Informant Father.

6 BRAY. Elsie Matilda. f. age 4 months. b. Auckland.NZ. d. 17 Jan. 1896 Lealey St., Thames, NZ. Pneumonia. Dr. CALLEN. Father Albert BRAY, Labourer. Mother Matilda Ellen nee BURT. Bur Shortland Cem. Thames.NZ. Wits: William ADDISON , Robert TWENTYMAN, Householders.

BROWNING. William. m. aged 35. d. 10th. Sept. at Auckland Hospital. Cause of Death Typhoid Fever. Dr. HOOPER. Informany James NASH, Messenger at Hospital. Bur. Auckland. Rev. J. WALTERS, Weslyan. 

BUCHANAN. Emily Cooper. f. 3 weeks. b. Waitakerei, Auckland. Died 11th. Sept. 1883, Waitakerei,. Cause of Death Premature Birth. Father William BUCHANAN, Bullock Driver. Mother Mary Ann nee HUNTER.

256 COCKBURN. m. age 55. b. Lanark SCT. in NZ. 7 years. Died Apr. 21 1876 at Merry Road, Chch.NZ. of Carcinoma. Wife, Mary BRYDER, at Hamilton SCT. Father David COCKBURN, Auctioneer. Mother Janet nee COOPER. Children living; 5 males, 2 females.

46 COVACICH. Frances Isabella, F. 3years. b. Hikurangi,NZ. Died July 3 1903. Whangarei. Whooping Cough,. Bronchitis, for 3 weeks. Dr. G.B. SWECH(?) (Peter COVACICH (Farmer)/ Rhoda nee BRADRIBB(?) . Bur Kamo Cem. Jul 5 1903. Rev. MICHALIS, Weslyan Minister. Informant Father.

DONAHY. Martha Grey, f. aged 60. Widow. d. 29 Aug. 1895 at Auckland Hospital, of  Pneumonia and Heart Failure.  Bur. Waikumite. Rev. D. MacPHERSON? Presbyterian. F. LITTLE Undertaker.

202 DRYLAND. Gertrude Daisy f. 14 months. b. William St., Auck.NZ. d. 11 Apr. 1881. of Tabes / Mesenteria. Father William DRYLAND, Groom. Mother Mary Jane nee WIN(M)BUS. Rev. MORLEY, Weslyan.

2709 DUNSFORD. Cyril Owen (McIntosh) m. aged 58, Accountant died 20/21 Dec. 1946 at 17 Napier Avenue, Takapuna, b. Auckland. Wife Mildred Louise nee HYATT. Coroners Verdict.. "Suicide by Hanging". Father Henry Owen DUNSFORD, Soldier: Mother Francis Ann nee SANDERSON.    Children living Male twins ages 26. Informant A. ADDISON, Coroner, Auckland.

259 DUNSFORD. Henry Owen m. age 52 years. Insurance Clerk. d. 2 Apr. 1890 at McKelvie St., Surrey Hills, of Pleurasy and Cardiac ? (Parents details unreadable!) b. Tiverton, Devonshire, ENG. Mar. at Riverton, Berks at age 34 to Laura Mary TILLCORKS???  & Auckland at age 45 to Frances Anne SANDERSON. Bur. North Shore. NZ. Rev. BATES Church of Eng. Children living; 2 Males 15, 13. 3 Females 17, 12, 10. 1 Male 2 years.

205 DUNSFORD. Launce Mary Willox f. age 36 years b. Parkstone, Dorset, ENG. (in NZ for 9 years.) Died 31 March 1881 at Devonport, of General Debility, Phthisis. Dr. BAYNTER. Father Edward GLOVER Officer in HMS. Mother Catherine nee PASCOE. b at Parkstone, Dorset ENG. Mar. Henry Owen DUNSFORD at Grazely, Berkshire, ENG. at age 27. Childern livin 2 Males, 3 Females. Henry PITTS, Undertaker.

DUTHIE. Agnes, f. aged 6. d. 9 Apr. 1890 of Albu... Menangitis at Onehunga.  b. Auckland. Father George DUTHIE, Engineer, Mother Emily nee LOTTY. Bur. Onehunga. Minister W.J. MULGAN.   Informany Adam JONES, Undertaker.

257 EDWARDS. Henry James. m. d. 10 Apr. 1890 age 4 weeks, of Enteritis. b. Leamington Road, Mt.Eden, Auck.NZ. Father Joseph EDWARDS, Engineer. Mother Esther nee HULME. Bur. Purewa, Auck. Rev. P.S. SMALLFIELD. Church of Eng.

21 FISCHER. Rose Anna f. aged 8 months. d. 7 Dec. 1892 at Midhurst NZ. Cause of Death; Choked with a head of Cocksfoot. Bur. at Midhurst, NZ. Father Dominick FISCHER, Farmer. Mother Rosa nee KLENNER. Minister James McKENNA, Roman Catholic.

32 FITCHELL. Harriett Louisa f. aged 10 months. d. 23 May 1864 at Wgtn. Hospital, NZ. Cause of Death Effusions of the Brain. Parents ? FITCHELL and Harriet Ann FITCHELL. Wgtn. NZ.

255 FOSTER. Mary. f. aged 57. Laundress, of Knights Town, Chch. NZ. d. 22 Apr. 1876 of Carcinoma of the Liver. b. Leverton, Nottingham ENG. In NZ. 9 years. Mar. Edward FOSTER, at Brigham Nottinghamshire at age 22. Children Living; 2 males and 2 females. Father William CRAGG, Blacksmith. Mother Elizabeth nee TROOPE.

GIBB. Jessie Hopkins, f. aged 51, died 8 Jul 1899, at Karaka, Thames.  b. Strathaven, Glasgow, SCT. Father Francis WILSON, School Master. Mother Jessie nee HOPKINS. Cause of Death Paralysis.   Mar. John GIBB when aged 21 at Dunedin, NZ.  Surviving children; 3 Males aged 23, 21, 19.  5 Females  aged 30, 28, 25, 16, 14. Dr. P. CALLAN. Buried Shortland Cemetary, Thames. .

GIBB. John. m. aged 90, Gas Co. Employee. (ex Gold Miner) d. 21 Nov. 1930 at 7 Liverpool St. Mirimar, of Arteria Sclerosis. Medical Attendant E.W. SMYTH. b. Perthshire Cowsgreive, Peterhead.  Father John GIBB, Farmer. Motheer Elizabeth GREIG. Mar. Jessie Hopkins WILSON, Dunedin, NZ. at age 24. Bur. Karori Cemetary. Informant Robert WILSON, Undertaker, Wgtn.  Surviving children: Males 2 aged 51 & 53. Females 4, aged 47, 49, 60, 65.   Registrar J.M. PALETHORPE. 

GIBB Mary Bell , f. aged 33 years b. Hamilton, Lanarkshire, SCT. d 27 May 1907,  Mar. John GIBB, Widower, at Thames   7 May 1907. Bur. at Karaka Creek, Thames, NZ. Cause of Death Peuperal Cellulitis 23 days after confinement. Father Francis WILSON, Joiner.   Mother Catherine Wilson  nee BROWNLIE . Bur. Shortland Cemetary. Dr. W.J. BARCLAY.

GIBB. Robert. m. age 70 years, Engineer, of Baillie St., Thames, NZ. d. 28 Jan. 1896 "verdict of Jury Natural Causes, Syncope arising from failure of the hearts action." . b. St. Andrews Greenside’ SCT. in NZ. 36 years. Father Robert GIBB, Farmer. Mother Margaret nee HARDIE. Bur. Shortland Cem. Thames, NZ. Rev. John MacKENZIE, Presbyterian. Mar. at age 20 years. Children living 3 males, aged 40, 35, 33. 1 female aged 42,. Charles HASELDEN, Coroner.

HARPER. Allan Thomas. m. aged 6 weeks. d. 27 Aug. 1895 at Western Springs, AUCK. of  Bronchitis. Dr. BEDFORD. Father George Henry HARPER, Carrier. Mother Elizabeth nee THOMAS.   Bur. Avondale. Minister W.S. LUSH, Church of Scotland. F. LITTLE, Undertaker.

31 HERESY. William. m. d. May 19 1864, Wgtn. Hospital, Wgtn. NZ. Seaman, Aged 42 years. Cause of Death Phthisis. Informant J. GREEN, Hospital Attendant, Wgtn. NZ.

HOLLOW. Edward m. aged 26. d. 16th. Dec. 1897, of Hikurangi. NZ. b. Scotland, been in NZ. for 22 years. Cause of Death Pthisis. Dr. T. HALL. Father Henry HOLLOW. Mother Catherine nee McGOING. Bur. at Kauri. Informat A. THOMAS, Agent duly Authorised by Father? at Whangarei.

8 JARVIS. John Finch. m. d. 19 Jan. 1896, age 73 years. Bootmaker. of Mary Street, Thames, NZ. of Morbus Cordis. Cert. by Mr. H. PAYNE. Father John JARVIS, Mariner. Mother Susanna nee COVE. Bur. Shortland Cem. Thames. NZ. Church of Christ. b. Devonshire, ENG. In NZ. for 32 years. mar. Plymouth ENG. at age 24, to Mary Elizabeth COLE.

260 LORD. Wilford Patrick. m. age 14 days. b. Howick, NZ. d. 18 Mar. 1890   of Enteritis. Father Samual LORD, Gardener . Mother Elizabeth nee WELCH. Bur. Howick. Roman Catholic.

203 LOVELL. Emmanual James. m. 13 months. d. 19 Mar. 1890, Wellesley St. Auck. NZ. of Strume. Dr. DAWSON. Father Emmanual James LOVELL Janiter, Mother Mary nee ROBINSON .

47 MANN. Mary Reed. F. 4 days. b. Whangarei, NZ. Died July 8 1903, Whangarei. Premature. Weakness. Dr. S.G.H HALL. Parents, John Burnell MANN, Settler/Eva Mary nee HARRISON. Bur. Whangarei Cem. Jul.5 1903. R.KEYTE, N. ONNIS (?) Wits. of burial. Informant, Father.

256 McLEOD. Roderick. m. age 49 at Franklin Road, Ponsonby, AUCK.NZ. 1 Apr. 1890 of Locomotor Ataxy/debility. Dr. MacKILLAR. b. Prince Edward Island, CAN. In NZ 26 Years. Father William McLEOD, Farmer. Mother Mary nee McGUINNESS. Mar. Hannah SANKEY when age 33 in Auckland, NZ. Bur. Waikumite. Auck. NZ. Rev. LAYCOCK, Primitive Methodist. Living children 3 males, aged 14 12 10 and 1 female 7 years.

206 McGRATTE. Alice. f. 5 months. b. Parnell, Auck. NZ. d. 14 Apr. 1881 of Diarrhea. Dr. HOOPER. Father Nicholas McGRATTE, Labourer. Mother Ellen nee MURPHY. Bur Auckland NZ. Rev. Father DOWNEY.

48 MCINNIS. Jeannie, F. 41. Dom. Duties. b. Akaroa, NZ. Mar. Melbourne, AUST. at age 22. to Norman, Leod McINNIS. Died July 2 1903. Albumen Uria. Dr. I.G.H.HALL . (John HENRY, Carpenter/Elizabeth nee SMART). Bur Marua Cem. Jul 3 1903. Rev. J.H.HAWKES. Church of England. (Three sons living.. 18, 15 and 1 week.. 4 daughters living.. 13 11 9 2.) Informant Husband.

256 McLEOD. Roderick. m. age 49 at Franklin Road, Ponsonby, AUCK.NZ. 1 Apr. 1890 of Locomotor Ataxy/debility. Dr. MacKILLAR. b. Prince Edward Island, CAN. In NZ 26 Years. Father William McLEOD, Farmer. Mother Mary nee McGUINNESS. Mar. Hannah SANKEY when age 33 in Auckland, NZ. Bur. Waikumite. Auck. NZ. Rev. LAYCOCK, Primitive Methodist. Living children 3 males, aged 14 12 10 and 1 female 7 years.

258 McLEOL/ MCLEOD? (?). John. m. aged 56, Bushman. D. 7 Apr. 1890  of Fatty Degeneration of Heart. b. Kings County, IRE. In NZ. 47 years. Father Patrick MC??? (MCLEOD?) Farmer. Mother Elizabeth nee ORAPMAN? Mar. in Auckland NZ. at age 21. Children living 1 male aged 21. 3 females.

33 MERNS. Edmund. m. aged 67. Saddler. Died May 26 1864 of Decay of Nature. Informant / HALL, Undertaker, Wgtn. NZ.

MILLER. Raymond Oliver m. aged 73 Ret. Salesman. b. Wanganui, NZ.d. 30 Jul.1993 of Pneumania. Bur. Waikumete Cemetary, Auckland. Medical Attendant R. SOOD.

41 MILMORE. Henry. m. aged 45, Labourer. b. Hampshire, ENG. In NZ 20 years. d. 26 Dec. 1894 of Brights Disease of the Kidneys. Bur. Mt. View Cem. Marton, NZ. Wits: Hy SNELLERONE/SNELLROSE and W.R. SNELLROSE, Householders. Undertaker Emanuel SNELLGROVE, Marton.NZ.

MOLLOY. Malina, f. 7 days of Convulsions from Birth, d. on 27th. Aug. 1895 at Manukau Rd., Parnell. Father Edward Charles MOLLOY, Carter. Mother Amelia Florence HOWELL. Witmess C. LITTLE. W.H. WALTER, Householders. Bur. Waikumite. F. LITTLE Undertaker.

MULLINS.Annie. f. aged 30 years. d. 16th. Sept. 1883.   b. Bangladore, India; in NZ 16 years. Cause of Death Disease of Heart, Nervous Shock (Dr. KENDERDINE) Father Mathew IMPEY, Settler. Mother Ann Julia nee ARCHIBALD. Mar. Robert MULLINS at age 19, in Coromandel, NZ. Bur. Otahuhu, Rev. Frank GOULD, Church of England. Informant J. IMPEY, brother, and Cheryl HALL, of Symonds Street, Auckland..

MUNRO. Donald Stewart. m. aged 9 years. b. Auckland. d. 12 Sept. 1883. Cause of Death Disease of Head and Liver (Dr. KENDERDINE). Father Robert MUNRO, Carpenter. Mother Sarah nee McGUARTIN. Bur. Auckland, Rev. A. REID, Weslyan Methodist.

257 MUNRO. Unnamed. f. Died Apr 13 1876, aged 5 days. of "Immanciation" of Infancy at Greendale, Chch.NZ. Father Roderick MUNRO, Farmer.. Mother Margaret nee DUFF. Bur Hororata Chch.NZ. Rev. GOULD. Church of Eng.

204 NOONE. Winifred Swaislaw f. 18 months. b. 11 Apr 1881, Oxford St., Newtown, AUCK.NZ. Cause of death Not Registered. Father William Henry NOONE Wood-turner. Mother Charlotte Swaislaw nee LAWRENCE.

39 PALMER. Catherine f. b. Turakina, (nr. Marton) NZ. D. 14 Oct. 1894, aged 2 yrs. 10 months. Cause of Death Diptheria. Bur. Catholic Cem. Tamakina, NZ. Father John Duncan PALMER, Butcher. Mother Mary Bridget nee HATCHER. Wits: R.M. SCANNELL and Alfred FRANKLIN, Householders.

PAUL. William. m. Compositer.  aged 23. b. Thames.  d. 24 Aug. 1895 at Karangahape Rd., Auck. Cause of Death Pulmonia. Parents Mathew PAUL, Miner. Mother Isabell nee MARTIN. Bur. Waikamiti.  Rev. A. PETERS. Informant J. WHEELER, Undertaker.

REYNOLDS. Grace Elizabeth f. age 2. on 14 Jun 1890 at Onehunga., of Bronchitis. b. Te Aroha. Father John REYNOLDS, Clerk . Mother Elizabeth nee WILSON. Minister W.G.MULGAN. Informant John REYNOLDS, Onehunga.

30 ROLLOW. Celia Jane. f. aged 15 months. b. Hull?? , Wgtn.NZ. Died May 11 1864.. Cause of Death Diarrhea ‘from Dentition’. Father Henry ROLLOW. Mother Mary Martha ROLLOW. ‘of the District of the Hull’.

SANDERSON. Catherine Francis, f. aged 75. Wuidow. Died 27th. Aug. 1895 at Pitt Street, Auckland. Cause of Death Influenza & Chronic heart Disease. Mar Charles SANDERSON, Eng. Bur. Waikumite. Surviving   children, 1 Male and 2 Females.  L.A. KAYLL, Lay Reader.   F. LITTLE, Undertaker.

SANDERSON. Charles John, Builder.  'about 18th. Sept. 1930,  aged 79, at Batley, Northland, NZ. Cause of Death Accidentally dies through being suffocated with smoke and heart failure (house fire, in the home of Messres. BULL Bros.). Father Charles John SANDERSON, Civil Engineer, Mother Catherine Francis nee RUSSELL. Children living: Male aged 45, Females aged 38 and 30. Bur. Maungaturoto, Northland.

SANDERSON. Elizabeth Mary, f. aged 65 on 7th. Jun 1936 at 57 Francis Street, Grey Lynn, Auck. of Hyperpiesia. Born Thames, NZ. Father John GIBB, Miner. Mother Jessie Hopkins nee WILSON. Mar. Charles John SANDERSON at age 20, in Thames NZ. 2 dau. living, aged 43 & 35. Cremated at Waikumete, Auck. Medical Sttendant O.F. LAMB.

SANDERSON. Mary Jane nee TRICK. f. aged 40 on 18 May 1890, at  Onehunga. Cause of Death Pthisis, Child Birth. Dr. W.G.SCOTT. Father William TRICK, Jeweller, Mother Mary nee BEVAN. Mar. Charles John SANDERSON at age 29 at Onehunga.  Bur. at Onehunga.  Minister W.G. MULGAN. Informant Alexander ROBB, Undertaker.

SANDERSON. Susannah Rachel. f. aged 97. 14 Sept. 1883. b. Middlesex, Lon.ENG. in NZ. 30 years. d. at Onehungs, 14th. Sep. 1883. Cause of Death Senile Decay, (Dr. SCOTT). Father Mark HAGGARD, Gentleman. Mother Susannah nee JONES. Mar. Charles SANDERSON at age 25 at Smithfield, Middlesex, London. ENG. Bur. Onehunga. Rev. W.E. MULGAN, Church of England.  Informant Charles J. SANDERSON, Grandson.

1 SMEATON. James m. aged 70. Farmer. d. 10th.Jan. 1898. of Whangarei, NZ. b. in Peterhead England. Married Mary Ann TAYLOR 27 years ago. Been in NZ for 37 years. Cause of Death Malignant Disease of Stomach & Liver. Dr. HALL. Father John SMEATON, LawMaker. Mother Charlotte nee STOKES.One dau. aged 49 still living. Undertaker Richard KEYTE.

77 SPENCE. James, Carpenter, aged 38.. b. Scotland. d. 31 Dec. 1881 of Congestion of the Lungs . Bur. Wararohea? Burial Ground, Whangarei, NZ. Wits: Richard KEYTE, John HAZLETT, Andrew PETERSON, Whangarei.NZ. Inf. Henry HOEY, Whang.NZ.

49 SPENCE. James , m. 83. Shipmaster. b. Montrose Sct. In NZ. 43 years. Mar. in Montrose at age 28 to Margaret MEARNS (?) Died Jul 17 1903 Whangarei, Kidney disease. Dr. P. G. HALL. (Hercules SPENCE, Shipmaster/Elizabeth nee COLLINSON) . Bur Kioreora Cem. Jul 19 1903. Rev. N.P. MATHEWS(?), Presbyterian Minister. Informant Son. James M. SPENCE. (Only living child. aged 54)

SPENCE. James. m. Contractor aged 72. D. 21 June 1915 at Dunedin Hosp., Dunedin, NZ. of Enlarged Prostate. Bur. at Southern Cem. by Church of Christ Min. Mar. In NZ. 20 years. Married (1) Details unknown. Mar (2) to Hannah REID (decd.) One male child living, from first mar. aged 43..

4. SPENSE/SPENCE. Mary Ann aged 58. d. 16th. Jan. 1898. of Whangarei, NZ. b. in St. Just, Cornwall, ENG. in NZ 33 years. Mar. James SPENSE/SPENCE in England, at age 37. Cause of Death Chronic Bright’s Disease. Dr. Geoffrey. BRUTON SHEET. Father Richard GRENFELL, Farmer. Mother Mary neé PERROW. One son, aged 17, still living. Bur. Kioreroa Cem. Whang. Undertaker Richard KEYTE. Wits: John CARTER, Farmer & Geo. NORTH, Farmer.

SPENSE/SPENCE. Olive Wilson, aged 44. d. 17 Jan. 1937 at Auckland Hospital.b. in Thames, NZ. Mar. James Wilson SPENSE/SPENCE at age 29, in USA.  Father Charles John SANDERSON, Builder. Mother Elizabeth Mary nee GIBB. Two dau. living aged 14 & 11.  Cause of Death Cerebral Thrombosis. Dr. J.W.CRAVEN.  Bur. Waikumte, Auck.

SUFFELL. Violet. f. aged 4 months. d. 17 Feb. 1878 at 17 Kowhai Pass, Malvern, Canterbury, NZ. Cause of Death Thrush and Diarrhea. Dr. Henry RICHARDS. Father Thomas SUFFELL, Miner. Mother Elizabeth nee DOUGLAS.

TAYLOR. Joshua. Farmer. Aged 49. of Otaika. d. 19 Jan. 1898. b. Pembroke??, in NZ 20 years. Mar. A. DYER? at age 38. Cause of Death Perforation of bowels. Peritinitis. Dr. T.HALL. Father Joshua TAYLOR, Army Captain. Mother Clarissa nee BALL. Bur. Kioreroa Cem. Whang. Undertaker. Richard KEYTE.

7 THORBURN. Eileen Adela Price f. aged 3 months. d. 19 Jan. 1896 Hope Road, Thames.NZ. of Marasmus Convulsions. Dr. H. PAYNE. Father Rovert Spiers THORBURN, Draper. Mother Alice Mary Doughty nee GINN. Bur. Tararu Cem. Thames, NZ. James COOMBS, Undertaker.

40 WILSON. Francis. m. aged 6 weeks. d. 17 Nov. 1894 at Rata (Marton Dist) NZ. of ?Misentrte Inflamation. Bur. St. Johns, Tatutotaru ? Father Robert James WILSON, Labourer. Mother Winifred nee OCONNOR. Wits: J.W. MARSHALL and Robert CLIMS? Householders.

609 WILSON. Francis m. Goldminer Aged 72. b. County Antrim, IRE. d. 28 Feb 1903 of Cancer of Jaw and Throat/Exhaustion. Mar. Mary GLENDINING at Roxburgh, OTAGO NZ. when age 52. Father Robert WILSON, Farmer. Mother Nancy nee FERGUSON. Bur. at Southern Presbyterian Cem. Dunedin.

20 WILSON Francis. m. aged 81. Tailor. Died Dec.7 1892 at Stratford, NZ. of Apoplexy. Dr. T.H.A. VALINTINE. b. Hull, Manchester, ENG. In NZ. 16 years. Mar. Jane RICHEN at age 30 in Southwark, London, ENG. Father Isaac WILSON, Tailor, Mother Betsy TAYLOR. Bur. Stratford Cem. Minister James CLOVER, Primitive Methodist. Children living 1 male 54 years. 1 female 43 years. Informant; Geo MUMBY, son-in-law of Deceased, of Stratford. NZ. 

253 WILSON. Jessie. f. aged 1 day. d. at Riccarton, Chch.NZ. 21 Apr. 1876. Cause of Death Defective Circulation, Dr. B. PARKINSON. Bur. Riccarton. Father Andrew Hunter WILSON, Gardener, b. Riccarton.NZ. Mother Isabella nee NISBET, b. NZ.

34 WILSON. Jessie f. aged 13 months at Wgtn.NZ. d. May 23/28? 1864 at Wgtn. NZ. Cause of Death Bronchitis. Mother Maria WILSON. Informant ? PICKERING. Carpenter, Wgtn. NZ.

568 WILSON. Jessie f. Spinster aged 20 years. b. Glasgow SCT. d. 21 Nov 1877 at Anderston, Dunedin, NZ. of Pthisis Pulmonalis, Acute Debility. Father William WILSON, Bootmaker. Mother Isabella nee LANGWILL.

WILSON. Robert.  m. age 55.d. 9 Nov. 1901 at Mary Street, Thames NZ.  of Pneumonia. (Dr. J.H. BOND)  Manager, Gas Works. b.  14 Mar. 1847 Lanarkshire, SCT. Father William WILSON, Farmer. Mother Ann nee PARK. Mar. at age 25 at Onehunga 1872 to Margaret WILSON. In NZ. 27 years. Bur. Shortland Cem. Rev. A.D.THOMSON. Informant Robert TWENTYMAN, Undertaker. Registrar E. HONNIS.

WILSON. Thomas. m. age 3 years. d. 27 Nov. 1881 at Whangarei, NZ. of Comp de Soliel Phrenitis . Father James WILSON, Harbor Master. Mother Agnes HUNTER. Bur. Wairoheu ? Buriel ground at Whangarei. Rev. Alexander MACKINTOSH. Prebyterian Minister. Whang.NZ.

WILSON. William. m. age 76. d 9 Jul. 1901 at St. Mary Street, Thames, NZ. of Morbus Cordis. (Dr. J.H.BOND.)  Farmer. b 24th. Aug. 1826 Lanarkshire, SCT. Father William WILSON. Mar. (1) Ann PARK, 1845. Lks. at age 19.  (2) 1864 Lks. at age 38. Came to NZ. in 1864.   Children living. Males aged 53 & 55.Bur. Shortland Cem. Minister A. D, THOMPSON, Presbyterian. Informany Robert TWENTYMAN, Undertaker. Registrar, E. HONESS.


DYER. Sydney Vincent aged 23, Machine Agent. Bachelor, b. Milton, Otago, NZ. Residence Invercargill NZ. Father; William John DYER, Traveller. Mother Annie Maria nee PEDMAYNE. Mar. Ellen GIBB, nee WRIGHT aged 22 Widow since June 17 1888. b. Camberwell, London ENG. Residence Invercargill NZ. Father Walter Charles WRIGHT, Carpenter. Mother Elizabeth nee MITCHELL. Mar. 18th. June 1889 at primitive Methodist Church Invercargill, NZ. Witnesses: Edward Walter WRIGHT, Invercargill, bro of the Bride, and Lucy Blanche DYER, Invercargill. Officiating Minister James GUY.

GIBB. Francis Wilson,  aged 27, Blacksmith of Thames, NZ. Father John GIBB, Miner of Thames. Mother Jessie Hopkins nee   WILSON, Mar. Mary Christina CONNON, aged 23 Dressmaker of Thames, on the 25 Jan 1905 at St. George's Church, Thames, NZ. Father William Allen CONNON Miner of Thames. Mother Kate nee WHITTAKER. Wits: John TAYLOR, Butcher of Thames, Hilda Kate CANNON, Dressmaker of Thames. Minister Frederick William WALKER.

GIBB. John, Labourer, Bachelor of Full Age, Mar. Jessie Hopkins WILSON Spinster of Full Age, at the First Church DUNEDIN on Jul. 27th 1868, in the presence of Henry Joseph PALMER? and Maud MILLER. Wm. SUTHERLAND Officiating Minister.

GIBB. John, Widower. Turncock of Thames, aged 63, Mar. Mary Bell WILSON aged 33, Spinster,  b. Scotland,  on 7th. May 1907 at Thames, N.Z.

GIBB. John. aged 27, Joiner, b. SCT. Father John Simon GIBB, Contractor. Mother Elizabeth Wilson nee HEPBURN. Mar. Mary MACKAY, aged 24, Domestic. b. SCT. on the 4th. May 1909 at the House of Mrs. FORREST, King St., Timaru, NZ. Father Donald MACKAY, Mason. Mother Margaret nee MACLEAN. Wits. Archibald Brown McDOUGALL, Timaru and Elizabeth FORREST. Minister Samuel RUHANAN. Denomination JFC.

GILL. William, Plasterer aged 27. b. Temuka, now of Roslyn, Timaru. Father William GILL, Contractor, Mother Sarah nee SPENCE. Mar. Ellen BARNES aged 23 b. Warrington TIMARU on the 27 Dec. 1911, at the House of William BARNES, 61 High St., Roslyn. Father William BARNES, Painter, Mother Elizabeth nee COULTER. Wits. N. BARNES and B. BARNES, both of 61 High St., Roslyn. Minister R.R.M. SUTHERLAND.   Presbyterian.

HAY. Richard Edward aged 21 Carpenter, b. Tapanui, Otago, NZ. now of Thames, NZ. Father William Mathew HAY, Carpenter, Mother Caroline nee GRAY. Mar. Anna Isabella GIBB, aged 21, Spinster of Thames,  NZ. on 10 Feb. 1904 at the Weslyan Church, Pollen Street, Thames.  Father John GIBB, miner: Mother  Jessie Hopkins nee WILSON. Witnesses: S.S.ADLAM, Carter, Thames. Emmie GIBB, Thames.

MINCHIN. Charles Wentworth. b. 31 Dec. 1883 at Inglewood, NZ. Mar. Emily Christine GIBB, b. 24 Sept. 1884 at Thames, NZ., on 30 Aug. 1911 at Thames. Husband's Mother Louisa nee WATKINS. Bride's Mother  Jessie Hopkins nee WILSON. 

MILLER. Arthur Piercy Oliver, aged 25, Farmer, Bachelor of Masterton, born Gladstone, Carterton,  Father William MILLER, Farmer: Mother Mary nee SLIGHT. Mar. Violet Hamilton READ, aged 23 Shop Assistant of Wanganui on 28th. July 1910 at Christ Church, Wanganui. Father Robert READ, Mariner. Mother Ruth nee SHACKLE. Witts. Evelyyn A. READ, Wanganui. A? SIRTEN, Bank Clerk, Wanganui. Robert READ, Mariner, Wanganui.

SANDERSON. Charles John, Bachelor of 'full age' Carpenter, of Auckland. Father Charles SANDERSON, Civil Engineer, Mother Catherine Frances nee RUSSELL.  Mar. Mary Jane TRICK on 14th. May 1879 at St. Peter's Church, Onehunga, Auck. Witnesses G. SHEPHERD & W.T. BUCKLAND. Minister William Edward MULGREW.

SPENCE. James aged 22, Plumber, Bachelor, b. Whangarei. Residence Auckland.. Father James SPENCE, Carpenter of Whangarei. Mother Mary Ann nee GRENFELL. Mar. Edith Rosina DOUGLAS aged 21, Spinster b. & Resident in Mangapai, 25 Jul 1903 at Weslyan Parsonage, Pitt St., Auck. Father William DOUGLAS, Farmer of Mangapai. Mother Amelia August nee   MASON. Witnesses: Eleneor GARLAND, of Pit St., Auck. & Elizabeth HARE, of Ponsonby Auckland.

SPENCE/SPENSE. Melville Lancelot, aged 24, Bachelor, Salesman. b. Auckland. Resident Grey Lynn, Auckland. Father James WILSON SPENSE, Mechanic. Mother Edith Rosalie DOUGLAS. Mar. Delia Constance SCOTT, aged 22, Spinster. B. Auckland. Resident Morningside, Auckland. Father Robert SCOTT, Farmer. Mother Grace C. GIBB.  on 10 Oct. 1928 at Baptist Church, Royal Oak, Auckland. Witnesses Clifford Redmond LLOYD, Bus Driver, Matatata, Auck. & George Frederick GIBB, Stevedore, Auckland. Minister L.B.BUSFIELD.

                           UK/SCT. MARRIAGES

SANDERSON. Charles of St. Pancras Parish, Bachelor, Mar. Eleanor HALL of the same Parish, Spinster, by Banns. on the 28th. Aug. 1794 by Edward SAWYER. In the presence of James YOUNG and George HAMP/KEMP? (OPRs)

SANDERSON. Charles, Bachelor, Wine Merchant, of Full Age. Father Charles SANDERSON, StockBroker, mar. 16 Sept. 1846 Catherine Frances RUSSELL, Spinster, of Full Age. Father George RUSSELL, Merchant, in the Parish Church, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, by Licence. In the presence of George RUSSELL, Anne WEIR & I.W.H. MASILLIERS. H.W.C. HYDE Officiating.

SPENCE. James, Salesman, Hartlepool. Parent(s) (John SPENCE, Farmer) PATTISON Annie, Spinster, Coaman(?) Parent(s) Robert PATTISON, Butcher. 9 Feb. 1876. Parish Church, District of Guisborough, Parish of York. Wits. James JOWSEY, Thomas BRADLEY. Application No. 4004669. MX 481975. No.144.

WILSON. Francis, Master Joiner,  mar.  Catherine BROWNLIE July 11th. 1868, in the District of Hamilton, County of Avondale, Lanarkshire, Scotland.